The Final Countdown & Essentials

Just four days until the move… three actually if you count packing the truck. We are in a sea of boxes and totes, very exciting! Every move is unique and final packing is dependent upon next steps. Are you moving across town, across country, going into temporary housing, utilizing storage, you get the picture. ForContinue reading “The Final Countdown & Essentials”

Pantry Purge – Day 1

Whether you are moving cross town or cross country, don’t leave your pantry, fridge and freezer to the last minute. Perishables and “non-perishables” need lots of attention. Even if your able to transport these items safely to your new home, a move is an ideal time to clean house. Step 1 – the Pantry: StartContinue reading “Pantry Purge – Day 1”

Welcome to Moved By Design!

First and foremost… what took me so long! This concept has been on the back burner for quite some time, well four years this month. The first iteration was intended to be a side business… help homeowners declutter, define and design their homes in preparation for sale. Inspired by my numerous moves, 6 states andContinue reading “Welcome to Moved By Design!”