The Final Countdown & Essentials

Just four days until the move… three actually if you count packing the truck. We are in a sea of boxes and totes, very exciting! Every move is unique and final packing is dependent upon next steps. Are you moving across town, across country, going into temporary housing, utilizing storage, you get the picture. For this move, we are moving across town but need to vacate our current home prior to moving into our new home. All of our household goods will be on a truck for approximately 48 hours. Bridging the gap requires just a bit of planning. If your not a list maker, this is the time to be one and set aside your essentials:

Tote 1: Cleaning supplies – you will want to thoughtfully clean your old home and prepare to scrub your new home (especially if you are buying a resale). You never know what you’ll find. A bucket, cleaning solution for a variety of surfaces, rags, paper towels, toilet brush/wand, mop, broom, and a small vacuum.

Tote 2: Essentials/First to unpack! – toilet paper, non-perishable healthy snacks, bottled water, utensils and paper plates, cups, medications, first aid kit, and in our house our coffee pot and all that is needed for a good, strong cup of coffee.

Tote 3: If you have pets, you will want to make sure you have their food, bowls, fresh water, treats, pet beds, and leashes handy.

Tote 4 (small file box or backpack): Important documents – passports, birth certificates, SSN cards, Will, banking documents, etc… these documents need to be handled with care and secured. Consider how these documents are transported, ideally with you at all times.

Tote (or bag) 5, 6, 7+: Each family member should have clothes and toiletries packed for the move. How much should they set aside? For our move, we are setting aside enough for three days. Comfortable, layers, and weather permitting…make sure you consider outdoor and indoor conditions. If you are moving across country or your household goods are going into storage, you will need to consider packing for the season(s) and setting aside enough luggage and valuables. Please note that if you are planning a large move and using a moving service, designate a room or closet in your current home as a staging area for these items, so that they do not end up on your moving truck. Truly this kind of move deserves it’s own blog or two.

Just like anything else, fail to plan, plan to fail. A successful move requires a good plan. Make your list, check it twice and get moving.

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