Things that make you go hmm…

Things that make you go hmm, hmm, hmm! As promised, I am highlighting my number one packing pitfall, should that item stay or go now! Ok, no more musical metaphors… it’s a good thing this blog is not a live video. All kidding aside, the declutter can become quickly stifled when we are just not sure whether to keep or let go.

There are numerous articles written on this topic chock full of tried and true methods, some of which I have implemented over the years. More often then not, the writer implores the reader to consider the following: Do I still use the item or when was the last time I used the item? Is it still in good condition? Will the item work in my next home? Does the item have sentimental value? For example, let’s consider my kitchen table. Will this table fit into my next home and does the table work well with the overall plan for decor in the next home? Yes (well with a few tweaks) Is the table still in good condition? Yes. Does the item have sentimental value? Yes… most definitely! So my kitchen table survived my round of questions and will make the cut for the move. In this example, the sage advice works well.

Now let’s examine an item that made me go hmm… my CD collection. When was the last time I played a CD? I don’t remember. Will I play a CD in my next house? Probably not… I don’t own a CD player. Do my CD’s have sentimental value? Not really. I still enjoy Peter Frampton, but if I want to listen to Frampton Comes Alive, I can stream on my AmazonMusic account. So according to all the articles I’ve read, surely my CD collection would not make the cut. Why the hesitation? A little voice in my head says just like vinyls, CD’s will make their way back around and be sell-worthy.

The solution and my tried and true Hmm advice… rather then spending valuable declutter/packing time making a decision or engaging in an unecessary debate with a family member on whether or not the CD’s should move, I complete the following. I box these “future valuables up” and label the box, “CD’s, Fragile and ?. The ? symbolizes my Hmm and it will be noted on all sides of the box (along with fragile of course). The ? is the critical indicator that this box does not need to be unpacked right away. It can and should be stored for another day. I will not need my CD’s to function nor decorate. My CD’s will not consume another moment of precious packing time, the box is clearly labeled, and I successfully managed to avoid the thing that made me go hmm, hmm, hmm!

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