And so it began…

Yesterday was National Prepare to Move Day in the Long home! Not a national holiday and certainly not a day of rest. Suffice it to say, we got started, stayed the course and with the exception of a Gopher football game, we stayed on task.

Perhaps I should provide more context, this process started a couple of months ago. Our original plan was to prep our townhouse for sale in the Spring. Our home had never been updated (it’s just shy of 20 years old) and we’ve owned it for three years. We bought the townhouse with the intention to renovate and buy a second home on a lake north of the cities. Fast forward three years, countless discussions and a few big curve balls, we decided to sell our townhouse and buy a lake home nearby.

Did I mention we planned to move in the Spring? Let’s just say we adjusted our timeline. A beautiful property just 30 miles South of our current home was for sale. The property had been on the market all summer long. The home is quite the fixer upper, but the land and lake shore is exactly what we want. On a fated September Sunday, we took a drive and popped into their open house, called our realtor on our way home and submitted an offer, contingent on selling our current property. Just like that, we went from a 6 month renovation schedule to one month. Two full time jobs and a tight budget, we needed to thoughtfully consider our plans, call in the troops (our amazing friends), and we pushed forward. A quick declutter, fresh paint, flooring, trim, light fixtures a deep clean, and we were on the market by the first of October.

Back to National Prepare to Move Day, my first task was to re-visit the quick September declutter. The key to a successful move… successful preparation. So everything that was binned, boxed, and set aside during the September sprint, would need to be addressed. Taking comfort in my strategy, I designated my spaces… Keep It, Donate, Sell and Hmm.
All categories are self explanatory, accept the Hmm. This is that important category that can often stifle productivity. The Hmm will be the subject of another blog… .stay tuned.

Since our next home is a fixer upper and we will be living through the renovation and utilizing a storage unit, a simple bin and label approach will work best. If you are planning a move in the near future and can wait till the new year, bins are often featured and on-sale in January. For labels, I picked up this great find on Amazon:

Love these! Label your cards and slip them into the sleeve. The label sleeve adheres to the bin and you can swap out the cards when it is time to re-purpose the bins. I prefer clear bins to easily identify content and I keep the label simple. If the bin contains my daughter’s belongings, the label will simply say “Amanda” and a short phrase to notate room or storage. In addition to bins, I am using card board boxes and cartons for books, fragile items, and artwork.

Time to wrap up and get back at it. Excited to share the fruits of my labor with pics and commentary.

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