Welcome to Moved By Design!

First and foremost… what took me so long! This concept has been on the back burner for quite some time, well four years this month. The first iteration was intended to be a side business… help homeowners declutter, define and design their homes in preparation for sale. Inspired by my numerous moves, 6 states and 10 homes in the last 23 years, my experiences and love for organization and home decor, I was sure this was my calling. The realities of taking care and providing for my family quickly dampened my plans, and I chose to set my side-gig aside. I also love my profession as a human resources professional. Only so much time in a day!

So why now? What changed? I became an empty-nester this year, I no longer run kids to sports and activities and I decided to share what I love most, decor, food and more. If that wasn’t enough… we have decided to move. Our move will be the headliner for future blogs for months to come with the my sincere intention to apply all of my advice to my own efforts… an incredible opportunity to hone my craft!

Finally, the universe gave me a great big nudge… more like a shove this August. A story for another day, but my world changed, my heart is full, and I hope to never take a day for granted. If that wasn’t enough, I am quite sure that people and moments are put on our path. Thank you Denise and Jill… your words and example were just what I needed!

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